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Completely Handcrafted Wooden Model Antique Tractor

Take a look at this model made by Tom McAllister from Woodman Collectibles.  I thought that this handcrafted wooden model of his 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel tractor was absolutely awesome in detail. Wooden Model of a 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel tractor (Right Side View).

Click the tractor image on the right for a larger image and see if you don't agree!   Amazing detail in the tires, wheels, engine and grill, etc. There are more images below, don't miss 'em!

I became acquainted with Tom via the good ol' internet.  He had visited my other website called Fastrac (a site dedicated to antique tractor enthusiasts) and e-mailed me about getting some feedback about his antique model tractor made from wood.  I e-mailed him back and we began conversations shortly after that.  I visited his website and found many pictures of other wooden models that he had made and was really impressed by the quality and the details in them.  I was especially interested in the wooden model of a 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel that he had recently completed.  I couldn't resist sharing the pictures of his model with you (with his permission of course).

Tom has been woodworking for a very long time. He has built mostly furniture and display work in the past and in almost every case (furniture or models) he not only designed the projects but built them as well.  Tom has been building models for about 20 years but has only been selling them for 5 or 6 years. The woods that he uses is mostly walnut and cherry but he has used a wide variety of other hardwoods in the past including ash and mahogany.

Although Tom has a very long history in building wooden models (with items such as construction equipment excavators, untility vehicles, golf carts, semi tractor rigs, etc.), this Oliver tractor was his first attempt at farm equipment.  He emphasized that he wants to do a series of old tractors and farm equipment and he has a page on his site just for that purpose.  Any ideas? Let me know and I will put you in contact with him.  Or better yet, visit him at his website, Woodman Collectibles and let him know what you might like to see modeled from wood. 

For those of you who might be interested, there was an article in "Our Canada", a Readers Digest Magazine, about Tom and his work.  You can read that article here

At any rate, here's a couple more pictures of this very well made and detailed Oliver!  Enjoy!
Wooden Model of a 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel tractor (Left Side View).
Wooden Model of a 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel tractor (Rear View).


Tom is continually developing and building new models of vehicles from wood.  Shortly after I posted this original story on his 1958 Oliver 770 Diesel tractor model, he sent me two photos of a new tractor model.  The tractor is a 1938 Allis Chalmers Model B.  Does this guy have talent or what?  Check out these two new pictures of his newest model below.
Left side view
Left side view of Allis Chalmers 1938 Model B
Right side view
Right side view of Allis Chalmers 1938 Model B
Let me know what you think!


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