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'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros
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Woodworking Projects
Here is a page that we have provided for people who want to show off some of the projects that they have created.  This is also great to help you with wood craft ideas for your own projects. Some of these are my own but I am not really that high on myself and have chosen to provide this space for you to submit your wood crafting project site.  If you don't have a site and want to show off to the World some of your woodworking projects, send us the photos via E-Mail and we'll create a place that can be linked to this page for you to do that.  Just send me your pictures and some text about the projects.......It's that simple and I'm willing to do it for you.


 Here 'Ya Go!

Ol' Dave's Office Suite Project - This project will let you see and read about one of my earliest projects that I undertook soon after getting the woodworking bug!  I figured if you are going to dive in....you might as well make a big splash!!
My Daughter's Charging Station Project - Here is one of my latest projects that was prompted by my oldest daughter's 40th birthday.  I had a lot of fun making this charging station for some of her hand held electronic devices.  There were even a couple of anxious moments!
Kitchen Cabinet Project - Here is one of (if not the most) challenging projects that I have undertaken to date.  This project took me about 9 months from start to finish but gave me a great sense of pride with the final results.  Take a look and see what you think!
Modified Shaker Sideboard - This project was undertaken to match with the kitchen cabinet project listed above.  This is one of my most enjoyable projects but presented some new problems for me.  Check it out!
Ol' Dave's New Woodworking Bench Project - What a wonderful experience for me!  I never had more fun in my life than I did making this new traditional style workbench.  Want to see the details?
Hallway Benches - Read about the construction of two hallway benches that I made for both of my daughter's 2008 Chrismas gifts.  One is stained ebony and the other one is stained cherry....... for two very different reasons!
Charles Krieger's Router Table Project - A well thought out and unusual top application was incorporated into the router table project.  Take a look.
My Mission Style End Table Project - Needing a new end table to place by my newly acquired reading chair, I went on a mission to make a mission.  You can read about the whole project here.
Ol' Dave's Golf Ball Display Case - Needing a larger display case for my Golf Ball Collection, I used my current smaller version as a model.
Garden Hose Nozzle Display Case - Project to display my "Off The Wall" collection of old antique garden hose nozzles.
Red Oak I-Pod Player Stand - A simple project to hold an I-Pod player on a counter top, replacing the typical under cabinet mounting for such a device.
Walnut & Hard Maple Snack Trays - A great project that I found in Wood magazine.
Printer Stand Project - This project was conceived by my wife and ended up serving her office staff quite well.  I must have gotten lucky!
Drill Bit Cabinet - A very functional organizing project for the wood shop that was recently completed.  Helps me out more than you'll ever know!
Grandson's TV Cabinet Project - One of my favorite projects so far.  Not that is was paticularly difficult, but I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite people!
Cremation Ashes Storage Boxes - Sad story but fun project!
Built-In Library Project - One of the largest and drawn out projects that Ol' Dave has undertaken!  Not extremely difficult but a great looking result.
Cherry Table Rebuild Project - A project taken on to rebuild a former drop-leaf table into and expandable dining room table.
Quarter Sawn White Oak TV Stand - Ol' Dave's TV stand made to match the built-in library built in an earlier project.  This one was really fun!
Wall Mounted Hallway Mirror - Just a perfect project for just the right place.  Check it out!
Home Office Printer Stand - A much needed project for my youngest daughter's home office.  Kind of a challenge but with really good results.
Jim Rosengarten's Workbench Project - Here's an interesting project that utilized some salvaged lumber from an old school building.  Take a look at his fine workbench!
Bathroom Vanity Project - A special bathroom vanity project with a top mounted sink designed to fit in a small space.  A fun project but challenging!
CD Storage Cabinet - Needing a better cabinet to store CD's, I took my wife's suggestions and dove right in to this somewhat challenging project.  See how it turned out!
Empty Recycle Can Box - Here's a very simple project with a not so common use.  Check it out!
Round Contemporary End Table - Made this table to add to the collection of other furniture projects placed in our recently remodeled family room.  This was a real challenge!
Mahogany & Walnut Cigar Humidor - A project I began with my son's birthday in mind.  Had a blast doing this one!

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