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Golf Ball Display Case
Another one of my hobbies just happens to be the game of golf.  I am pretty much a "hacker" but love to play the game just the same!  Over the years, I have collected monogrammed golf balls from courses that I have played on or visited in the past.  I have one from the 1991 PGA Tournament held at the Crooked Stick Golf Course in Carmel, Indiana which was won by John Daly.  Also have one from the 2008 Buick Open held in Detroit.

Longer story made shorter is:  I have too many to fit the display case that was given to me aa a gift a few years ago and decided to use it as a model to make myself a larger one.  The original case only had 25 spaces to hold "specimens".  I basically changed the design to widen the case enabling it to hold 70 golf balls (about 3 times as wide as the original case).

I used left over hard maple from my workbench project to make all the pieces for the display case. I used my DeWalt 734 planer to get the thickness down to 1/4" thick for the divider pieces and 1/2" thick for the sides, top and bottom pieces. The two photos below shows how I set up the table saw with a 1/4" dado set to cut the slots for the vertical and horizontal dividers.

Table saw setup for cutting dados in vertical divider slats
Table saw setup for cutting 1/4 dados in horizontal slats

The side pieces also received 1/4" deep X 1/4" wide dado cuts to accept the dividers and to give the front a more complete finished look.  Some of the pieces laid out on my workbench are shown in the photo below prior to assembly.
Laid out golf ball display cabinet pieces

There was nothing really difficult about this project other than it was somewhat nerve wracking trying to make sure that my clamps didn't slip while cutting the grooves in the slats so that everything would go together with the same amount of spacing.  I used 1/8" thick Hardboard that I painted Kelly Green as a backer for the case.  I cut 1/4" wide X 1/8" deep rabbets around the perimeter of the back sides of both the top and bottom pieces as well as the sides to accept the installation of the green backer. 

I used a 3/4 corebox router bit that I set up in my drill press to make the recessed half round "dimples" in the shelves. I first used a 1/4 drill bit to drill smaller holes in the locations to help guide the corebox bit at the desired locations. I then switched to the corebox bit set at a depth of half the thickness of the shelf boards to finish the dimples that holds the specimens.

The three views below show the finished project.  As always, you can see a larger more detailed photo of these views by clicking on them.

Right Side View
Right side view of finished golf ball display cabinet
Front View
Front view of finished golf ball display cabinet
Left Side View
Left side view of finished golf ball display cabinet
As I said earlier, this was not a difficult project but it sure was fun!  And, best of all, it gives me an excuse to go out and play more golf courses so that I can fill it up.  Does that make sense?

Here is how it looks so far with my case and collection mounted on my office wall.

Final mounting of my golf ball display case on the wall.
As always, comments are welcome and you can get them to me by the e-mail address below.


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