'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros  

'Ol Dave's Woodshop - Where woodworkers are not all Pros
                                                                   "Where woodworkers are not all Pros"
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Welcome to 'Ol Dave's Woodshop!  We sincerely hope your time here won't be wasted.  My name is Dave Haynes and I have long been interested in woodworking since peeking up over the sawhorses at my dad many, many years ago.  Dad was a finish carpenter by trade and also built a lot of furniture.  I guess that is where I first caught the urge to work with wood.  Sad to say however, my dad passed away at an earlier than expected age and my interest in what he was doing was only somewhat inbred in me from those earlier experiences. The urges, you might say,  didn't come to fruition for me until my own kids were grown up and gone so that I could afford the right tools to take up the hobby on my own.  Some of you might know what I'm talking about!

Good thing is.....I DID finally start!

Having been quite successful as a plastic extrusion tool design engineering director, and as having had some experience as the designer of Fastrac (an antique tractor hobbyist web site), I felt the urge to develop another web site to relieve my itch for woodworking.  This site will help me fill up my time when I am not in the shop.   I don't ever intend to let 'Ol Dave's Woodshop become a place for junk to accumulate nor to evolve into a web site where professional jargon about woodworking becomes unbearable.  The intention is to have fun with it and at the same, maybe get lucky enough to actually help some other woodworkers get to ideas or information that they may not have otherwise gotten the opportunity to obtain.

We will occasionaly discuss safety features and items such as blade guards, feather boards, and other things such as woodworking dust collectors to assure that you have a clean and safe environment while working in your woodshop.  We'll also direct you towards many different supplier sites such as lumber suppliers, hardware suppliers and many other woodworking related products.

Of course other articles and subjects will pop up from time to time and as they do, we hope you will find them helpful.

Feel free to move around the site or take a tour of my shop and if you choose to do that, just know that most of the photos that you will see will have larger images of them for greater detail when you click on the smaller images (and this is true for all other images throughout the website).  So have fun and if there is ever anything we can help you with, please let us know.


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